Online Club Meeting

Here is the information about our online club activities during the current coronavirus pandemic. It’s still possible to make movies and to show movies, but clearly in a very different way from normal.

We would like to maintain the SBMM community during this difficult time by using our online presence until things get back to normal, and this page will be the centre of this activity. Bear with us as much of what we will attempt to do is experimental.

We are trialling parallel access to Vimeo versions of the movies, which are of significantly higher technical quality compared to Zoom. You will need a second device or at least a second screen, ideally with a good size and good sound. Before the meeting go to the Vimeo URL that was sent in the invitation and during the meeting the chairman will let you know when the play these, which will be at the same time as the Zoom versions – only approximately.

We would recommend an iPad, large screen laptop or internet enabled TV. While it is possible to run the Vimeo movies on the same device that is running Zoom we have found some audio compatibility problems which is why we currently don’t recommend this approach yet.

Our Experience of the last meeting

We have now optimised the video format for Zoom and on many devices the viewing experience as acceptable and enjoyable to many members even though some higher definition movies will always look better on Vimeo.

When viewing on Vimeo some members had difficulty in turning the sound off the Zoom version. With two devices this is usually easy as muting the unwanted device is often just a couple of clicks. For those sharing Zoom and Vimeo on a single device this could be slightly tricky.