The Klondikes

The Klondikes as a group have a wide knowledge of filming skills including BBC quality camera work, sound and lighting. All members have filming experience and a good selection of cameras. Between them they also own an impressive selection of filming equipment including lighting, sound, a Stedicam and green screen. Several of the group also have good editing skills. They can all contribute to scriptwriting and are capable of small acting parts if required. They use amateur actors, friends and family to assist where necessary. Klondike members come from Farnham, Four Marks, Alton, Fleet, Haslemere and Crondall area.

Featured Movie

‘Winner and Losers’ is a light hearted comedy/drama. The only person taking part who had any acting experience was Peter Nearey who belongs to a local amateur theatre company, he is also an accomplished bass guitar player. The band was put together by Nigel Coombs who played the leading role in the film. Two criteria for the making of the film had to be a picture of the Queen and a lipstick. The film location was kindly loaned by Seale and Sands British Legion.

The Klondikes’ Movies

A burglary goes wrong – but why?

Starring Mark Stanley, Jeremy Gooding and Ann Hussey

Directed by Alan Hussey

The Klondikes in Action

Current Team Members
Past Team Members

Alan Butcher

Kathy Butcher

Alan Hussey

Alan Brown

Peter Matthews

John Thompson

Patric Hinde

John Ivel

Elliot Stanley

John Widdecombe

Janet Matthews