The Weyfarers

The Weyfarers Team is loosely based around members living in or near Guildford. The movies have been produced for the ‘Film in an Evening’ competition where all the shooting and editing is completed between 6pm and 9.30pm on a club night, and the movies are then screened immediately – No pressure then.

Weyfarers’ Movies

The Lady Who Knew

A dark drama about the clients of a mystic who is not all she seems.

Starring Margaret Firmston, Vince Barnes, Peter Frost and Brian O’Connell

I Have a Dream

How to enter the lottery

Starring Margaret Firmston and Vince Barnes

Royal Flush

The Queen visits a fete but on the way needs a loo stop and there’s never one when you need one.

Starring Margaret Firmston, Jeremy Gooding, Dave Rayers, Neil Cryer and Steve Mitchell

Current Team Members
Past Team Members

Brian O’Connell

Vince Barnes

Steve Michell

Jeremy Gooding

Peter Frost

Neil Cryer

Dave Rayers

Margaret Firmston

Gordon Sutton

Dick Grainger

Tony Goodearl